Personal Injury / Wrongful Death:
In dealing with hundreds of cases over the course of the past decade, the Patt Law Firm has extensive experience in dealing with personal injury and wrongful death cases, and has been instrumental in obtaining millions of dollars in jury awards and personal injury settlements for it clients who were injured through no fault of their own. These awards have helped these individuals and their family members recover medical bills, lost wages and other damages for past and future injuries in Circuit and County courts of this and other states, and Federal courts of our nation. The firm also has extensive experience in Chancery Court practice in administering the Estates and minor's Guardianships in relation the monetary awards.

Rick Patt served as trial co-counsel for Plaintiff Dale Archey in the February 2011 jury trial in Hinds County, Mississippi in a premises liability case wherein a hotel security officer chased the unarmed Plaintiff across the street, and upon cornering him, shot him in the head. The jury returned an award of $23 million against the Defendants, representing compensation for approximately 40 years of future institutional care and other damages.

Civil Defense / Business Litigation: The Patt Law Firm also regularly represents Mississippi businesses and individuals who find themselves embroiled in civil litigation either through being named as an individual or business Defendant in a civil case or require collection of a civil debt.


Felonies / Misdemeanors / DUI's:
The Patt Law Firm has provided criminal defendants in the court of our state with outstanding representation in both misdemeanor and felony cases, ranging from simple misdemeanors and DUI charges all the way up to felony charges as serious as capital murder. While the firm has obtained many not guilty verdicts and dismissals for its clients, all clients receive passionate and conscientious representation when the State attempts to deprive a citizen of its liberty through its prosecutorial power.

Expungements: Additionally, if you find yourself with an arrest and/or conviction on your record, call our office to speak to an attorney as to the possibility of having such arrest and/or conviction expunged from your record so that such past mistake may not be used against you in future job applications or mar your future professional prospects.


Drawing on his experience working with the state trial court system and the Mississippi Supreme Court as Director of the Mississippi Administrative Office of Courts, Rick Patt and the Patt Law Firm has developed a successful track record of representing litigants before the Appellate Courts of the State of Mississippi, for clients represented at the lower court level and new clients first hiring the firm at the appellate stage of the proceedings. Rick Patt has also given hundreds of lectures to judges and attorneys on legal issues, and gives 5-10 Continuing Legal Education speeches every year on Mississippi Supreme Court caselaw.


Divorce (Fault & No-Fault); Separate Maintenance; Support/Custody Modifications:
The Patt Law Firm regularly represents clients in Divorce and Custody proceedings before the Chancery Courts of the State of Mississippi. From quick, no-fault divorces to hotly-contested fault divorce proceedings, separate maintenance actions and contentious child custody/support issues, the Firm provides first-class representation for clients during these difficult proceedings where the parties are seeking to protect their legal rights in relation to end-of-marriage situations and those involving their children.

Adoptions / Youth Court Matters: The Firm also can provide representation for families seeking to adopt a child into their home and/or the attendant terminations of parental rights which may accompany such a filing. Additionally, when a family is faced with a child that comes under the jurisdiction of the Youth Court through either a delinquent act or through an abuse/neglect scenario, the Patt Law Firm can help family members through these difficult times.

Wills/Trusts/Guardianships/Conservatorships: When families are faced with dealing with end of life issues or the necessity of having the Court assume control of a family member facing a difficult time through age or illness, or needing a guardianship of a minor, the Patt Law Firm can help a family draft an appropriate Will or Trust, or set up a Guardianship or Conservatorship, to assist the family in making sure that when any such time arrives, the family will be prepared with minimum disruptions.

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