Family/Divorce Law

Divorce (Fault & No-Fault); Separate Maintenance; Support/Custody Modifications

The Patt Law Firm regularly represents clients in Divorce and Custody proceedings before the Chancery Courts of the State of Mississippi. From quick, no-fault divorces to hotly-contested fault divorce proceedings with substantial asset division issues, and separate maintenance actions and contentious child custody/support issues, the Firm provides first-class representation for clients during these difficult proceedings where the parties are seeking to protect their legal rights in relation to end-of-marriage financial situations and those involving their children.


The Patt Law Firm routinely represents parents and minor children who require guardianships to be established for the minor children, either due to the receipt by the minor of monetary funds which need to be protected, or the establishment of guardianships for those occasions when custody of a child would need to be transferred to other family members or responsible third-parties.

Adoptions / Youth Court Matters

The Firm also provides representation for families seeking to adopt a child into their home and/or the attendant terminations of parental rights which may accompany such a filing. Additionally, when a family is faced with a child that comes under the jurisdiction of the Youth Court through either a delinquent act or through an abuse/neglect scenario, the Patt Law Firm can help family members through these difficult times.


Many times families are faced with tough situations wherein the commitment of a loved one for treatment due to alcohol, drug, or mental issues is the only course of action left in order to get the person the help so desperately needed. The Patt Law Firm has experience in getting such matters before the Court in order that families can get the Court system to provide the relief needed in order that the loved one would receive the required help.