Wills / Trusts / Estates

The Patt Law Firm routinely assists clients in drafting documents to be used as a person’s Last Will and Testament in order that the drafter’s intention as to how his or her property is to be distributed will be followed. If you die without a will, then it is up to the law of the States as to whom would receive your property, and in what shares. Many times the establishment of a simple Trust would be beneficial, and if such a Trust is to be drawn up in addition to the Will, the Patt Law Firm can assist you in crafting such documents.

Additionally, when an Estate would need to be opened – whether to probate a will or set up an intestate estate – the Patt Law Firm can shepherd you and your family through this trying court procedure by marshalling through the estate process. Additionally, many persons find themselves involved in contentious litigation whenever an estate is open, and if you need representation when there is a dispute among heirs, contact the Patt Law Firm.

Conservatorships / Guardianships / Power of Attorney

When families are faced with dealing with end of life issues or the necessity of having the Court assume control of a family member facing a difficult time through age or illness, or needing a guardianship of a minor, the Patt Law Firm can help establish a Conservatorship or Guardianship through the Court system, in order that the Court system can appoint the proper person(s) to oversee the affairs of the person so needing such assistance over their person or estate. Also, the Patt Law Firm can draw up the proper papers to be used as a Power of Attorney when a loved one needs someone else to manage their affairs, whether they be financial or related to healthcare or end-of-life issues.